vrijdag 12 februari 2016

Trust and the Judiciary: Ybo Buruma at TEDx

Former professor of Criminal Law at Radboud University and now appointed Justice in the Dutch Supreme Court Ybo Buruma asks whether he can borrow anyone's smartphone. Someone willingly hands over her phone. "She feels different about trust now than the rest of you," he says, "because she worries about her own phone." Buruma highlights that trusting the judiciary in the Netherlands is better than trusting government and politicians. But trust in judges has decreased since the seventies, because of two reasons. First of all, the government is no longer only an audience, but participates actively in court. Secondly, politicians and the masses always generalize. In similar offenses, the statements have to match. Important to remember is that judges aren´t machines. They look for specific things in their specific context: they do not follow trends and generalizations. This compels trust. Buruma finishes by remembering the trust he was given in the form of a phone: "And now she wants her stuff back."

1 opmerking:

  1. Ybo B. (schuldig aan de detentie van Baybasin) -op2:24- is ernstig in de war en staat onzin uit te kramen "fortunately, in the netherlands, we don' t have corrupt judges. We don't have fraudulent judges
    or judges who are really politically biassed."