vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Opruiende teksten aanleiding tot arrestaties

Verboden teksten op de Dam.

Voorafgaand aan het hoger beroep van Joke Kaviaar, omtrent veroordeling 4 maanden cel voor opruiing, werden op 15 mei 2014 in het centrum van Amsterdam posters getoond en verspreid, met de teksten waarvoor joke kaviaar veroordeeld is. De politie was vanaf de start van de posteractie aanwezig en arresteerde 6 personen waarvan 4 vanwege het tonen of verspreiden van de zogenaamde verboden teksten. Hier meer over de explosieve ideeën van de RARA.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Mijn handen jeuken als ik dit zie.... Waar kan ik zo'n poster bestellen?

  2. zielige amsterdamse dienders/loonslaven. pak de jongensverkrachters op; demmink, van wooldrik, wabeke, holthuis. bel jullie baas aalbersberg op, die was bij het rolodex-onderzoek betrokken. nl is nog erger dan turkmenistan . maar ; we pikken dit niet langer.

    1. Her word tijd dat we dat hele zooitje tegen de muur aanzetten en neerknallen als dolle honden ! OPRUIMEN DIE HAP!

  3. Posters kun je bestellen bij de steungroep 13 september: info@13-september.nl

  4. MESSAGE TO (ALTERNATIVE) MEDIA: opportunity vs. responsibility.

    "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise wins souls."
    I see all this potential, I feel you are ready to invite deeper insight into your life, so hear me out..

    Why does mainstream media exists? Why the sudden increase in psychological attacks? I'm sorry, but you got it all wrong, it is NOT about money. The alternative media is almost as corrupt as the mainstream. It's a second layer, a protected & controlled field. We know that the Bureau has the tendency to announce attacks beforehand, such as their "zombie-invasion" whether they will be performed by actors or not. The point is, it is a way to measure the power of the collective consciousness, the critical analytical skills, I suppose. Humanity is on the edge of realizing that they already ARE in power. The Bureau is aware of this "threat", and that is why millions of Euro's are pomped in the Information / Cyber Warfare.

    The idea of singularity is becoming more and more prevalent. As it does so, our reality becomes more and more subjective. The thing to realize is that we are all developed into narratives. We are all telling our narratives to find our way back to self hood. It's the the multiplicity of subjectivity. It’s realizing the mirroring of appearances. When you look at the singularity, the question raises whether this is the beginning or the end or maybe both. We are beginning an end at the same time.

    The reality is a hologram of information, so the idea of that being a singularity ultimately creates self-generated universe. The singularity has already happened, is happening and has never happened. It’s like asking whether we are born or dying, or are they the same thing? It’s realizing that it goes back into the delusion of the self. The self that you take to be yourself is forever changing. “We are moments and experiences”, said Corey Anton. We see ourselves as a body within a world, rather than the world. The thing to realize is that we are all developed into narratives. We are all telling our narratives to find our way back to self hood.

    With regards to transhumanism and the new-age movement, both of them propose the idea of essential. With the new age idea you are send to a higher dimension and with transhumanism you’ll be send into the machine-world: like your mind becomes the substrate. You become all things. They both promulgate the idea of assertion to Godhood. But there is no way to ascent to: the only assertion can only ever be waking up in your own dream. Reality is metaphor. Metaphor is simulation. Simulation is dream. Dream is consciousness. Consciousness is information. Information is what. What is information. Information is what. What is what. Y is Y.

    It is now safe to say that we must no longer may accept the stagnation that WE cause. Bob Marley, John Lennon, John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson and all those other beautiful souls got killed for this knowledge. Fritz Springmeier is being set up for their own ends. If I'm suddenly gone, you know who to look for, lol. But let us not hate, "for we are moments and experiences”, said Corey Anton, for all life deserves respect and every soul needs to be loved.

    INFLAMING THE DYING FIRE. That's the name of our project for the new world. OUR world, and I call for peaceful people worldwide to think with me, here! (feel free to add me) Share your ideas! I call for everyone to come up with solutions. How would your ultimate society look like? Both long term and services we can create/access right now. How does the new educational model look like? For starters, you can check what I have come up with so far: http://plazilla.com/page/4295131545/inflaming-the-dying-fire-for-the-sake-of-all-life-on-earth

    Note to the Bureau: my vision is now a strong and sturdy seedling ready to bare fruit in the world. You are warned. This is only the beginning of the end of lies.