donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Verklaring H.Baybasin

Some media organisations and members of the media, some individuals, do not have courage, self-respect or respect for other people’s rights, and they find no difficulty in denying the truth based on facts, but they do have the stomach to digest immoral acts to blame the victims. This is exactly what was happening during the second world war. Sick-minded fascists were murdering innocent people, just because they were Jewish. And those fascist collaborators were obeying and serving their leaders just for their own interests.

Now we a have different version of second world war. Pedophiles and criminals, together with their collaborators, hijacked the good people’s values by occupying high offices and ruling civilized life based on the rule of law. Of course their servants and engineers are serving and obeying them, very much like in the second world war. Good people are resisting and good people from abroad running to help the good people even if they have to sacrifice themselves. In the United States of America’s Congress action is the voice of good people, and they are running to help good people in this part of the world. Exactly that is what happened in the second world war. We have to see this as a first step.

I have a question to those who claim that there is not enough proof of evidence against Joris Demmink. Please have a look in the mirror at yourself and ask yourself this question: what is in your definition the meaning of evidence and proof. We have more than one victim in Turkey, and we have more than one victim in this country, and elsewhere as well. They are giving open statements in person and there are police officers who are confirming the statement as a witness. So if this is not enough evidence to you, that means you don’t have enough courage to stand for the truth. I want you to ask yourself what is your reason to deny the truth then. If you cannot stand for the truth, be human and don’t deny it.

I have a question to Peter R. de Vries specifically. You came to my lawyer’s office two years ago, you took all my files including the evidence of truth based on the facts against Joris Demmink. We know you took those documents and evidence, and you shared them with Demmink himself, but you are lying to the public saying that you investigated and that there was nothing. I am not going to ask you to stand for human values, but I do ask you to be professional and explain to the public what your investigation was. How many victims have you spoken to, how did you check those official documents from the Dutch ministry of justice and from Turkey. Give the public the result of your honest investigation if you have. We do know that you don’t have it, do you, Peter R. de Vries?

I have been through a lot of difficulties and I saw so much dirty behaviour from dirty people. I am very happy to say so that I saw more good people in this country than the dirty people. Especially my lawyer Mrs. van der Plas made very clear to everyone what is the truth in my case. All we need to see now is the good people who are in number much more than those dirty people, all they need is to speak in one voice. That’s what we need to see.

And we are not going to sit and watch those pedophile criminals destroy the civilized way of life, because so many good people give their life to create a civilized way of life based on the rule of law.
I thank everyone who supports us and contributes to our efforts against those dirty pedophile criminals. Those sick-minded fascists and their collaborators lost the second world war, so these pedophile criminals and their collaborators will lose as well.

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  1. Ik ken turken met een klein winkeltje, die binnen 18 jaar beter nederlands hebben leren spreken dan deze "zakenman".

    1. de heer baybasin zit in de gevangenis en daar heeft hij geen recht op nederlandse lessen te volgen omdat hij illegaal is dat is een van de redenen dat hij geen nederlands spreekt en schrijft.

  2. Zo is het meneer Baybasin!...